Take up more space as a woman. Take up more time. Take your time. You are taught to hide, censor, move about without messing up decorum for a man’s comfort. Whether it’s said or not, you’re taught balance. Forget that. Displease. Disappoint. Destroy. Be loud, be righteous, be messy. Do not see yourself like glass. Like you could get dirty and clean. You are flesh. You are not constant. You change. Society teaches women to maintain balance and that robs us of our volatility. Our mercurial hearts. Calm and chaos. Love only when needed; preserve otherwise.
Mehreen Kasana, fromA Woman of War
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Colette Yves

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Wendy Mcwilliams.

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Mixed edia on paper



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Dance 2 by Alex Kanevsky

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Jacob van Loon | on Tumblr

Station I. Graphite, watercolor and acrylic on paper, 14x14” (2013)
Station II. Graphite, watercolor and acrylic on paper, 14x14” (2013)
Station III. Graphite, watercolor and acrylic on paper, 14x14” (2013)
Station IV [triptych]. Graphite, acrylic and watercolor on paper, 14x42” (2013)

[art discussion hosted by Artchipel]

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Kenichi Hoshine

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Hand-Painted Wing Scarf ($60.00)

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Tadeusz Boruta - W Otchłani (2002)

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Matthew Stone

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